Wholesaler of Natural Stone Marian Pilch is a team of people full of passion, skills and curiosity about what mother nature has given us over the millions years. In one place you can find a natural stone from Poland, Europe and the countries of the Middle East. A wide range of colors, a multitude of forms and shapes, makes it possible to create any garden compositions.
We systematically expand our offer with new proposals made of natural stone in order to meet the needs of our clients and follow the latest trends.
We invite you to our world, the world of natural stone.

Here you can take advantage of comprehensive investment service. Stone Village Services is a brand that brings together professionals in the sale of natural stone, garden design and stonework services.

Sale of natural stone
Contact: +48 508 931 383, 792 351 910 – DAMIAN i MARIAN
Gardens projects
Contact: +48 691 856 297 – MARIA
Garden construction
Contact: +48 662 076 631 – DANUTA
Contact: +48 797 045 481 – GRZEGORZ
Stonework services
Contact: +48 516 557 666 – MARCIN